Even as a Southern California tax professional, when I get a letter from the IRS addressed to my business (or, worse, to my home), I share with you that feeling of initial trepidation: what fresh hell will I now have to deal with?

More often than not, it’s something completely innocuous, like an address change, or whatnot.

But as with many things, 2020 is taking things to an entirely new level.

Many people have been getting notices of unpaid taxes … even when they’ve actually paid said taxes.

In fact, at one point this summer, the IRS had approximately 12 million pieces of unopened correspondence in its inventory. Despite this unprocessed mail, the IRS has been sending notices to taxpayers whose correspondence and payments remain unopened.

And people noticed. Our phones started getting busy with this … but it was almost always a case of communication lag.

So much so that the IRS (remarkably) listened to the growing outcry — perhaps more accurately their overworked phone staff — and pressed “pause” on sending out more notices.

And while this is great news … it could also mean problems.

Why do I say that?

Simple …

It could be that you have an accumulating IRS debt, but the mail delays are hiding a problem that is festering under the surface.

And you know it, but just don’t want to face it.

Is that you?

Because letting IRS problems like these “fester out of sight” only makes things worse.

Which is why I suggest that you get ahead of these festering problems and let us go to work on your behalf.

The first step towards finally getting your IRS issues resolved is actually the easiest.

Use this: 714-541-4338

That’s all you need to do, and we can take care of the rest. We’ll work with you on a plan of action that can help you sleep better at night, and take care of your IRS problems without you having to do all the legwork.

Get the Orange County pros in your corner, and sleep more soundly. That way, when the next IRS notice comes to your mailbox, you won’t have to panic.

Would be a nice feeling, wouldn’t it?



David Barnes
(714) 541-4338
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